About Us.

AFHR is an independent nonprofit human rights organization with its Head Offices in Muyenga founded and registered in 2019, its main purpose is to strive to empower the public, promote, reinforce and safeguard Social economic and cultural rights and good governance in UGANDA. There is an increase of human rights violations accompanied by a number of social-economic inferiorities that encroach on the human rights of individuals and pose a threat to their wellbeing/welfare. Currently AFHR has enough working space, well furnished with working equipment and facilities to be sustainable in its work due to a good working environment, tools.


Empowering Communities, to Promote, Reinforce And Safeguard Social-Economic And Cultural Rights And Good Governance.


Envisioning a Just and Equitable Society

Our Objectives

  • To create awareness on the national, regional and international human rights regime.

  • To promote access to justice for all persons and Most at Risk Populations groups

  • To undertake research and legal advocacy for the rights of all persons and Most at Risk Populations groups.

  • To network and collaborate with key strategic partners, government, communities and individuals at national, regional and international level.

  • To maintain a strong and vibrant human rights organization.

Some of Our Events

AFFHR has a team of youth who have the mandate to share Human Rights information throughout, we have majorly embarked on using the internet freedoms through all social media platforms but also speak on community gatherings, schools, churches among other, where we share Human Rights information, flyers, stickers, banners, and have plans of expanding our education on Human Rights to a bigger perspective such as a Human Rights Museum/Library.

Stay in School

Focused on empowering young girls and boys to focus on education. AFFHR started this with Karamoja region reminding the community, teachers and children on their basic rights and how to continuously support each other so as to keep children in school, specifically emotional support and scholastic materials support.

Innovative Volunteerism for Youth.

Uganda youths are gifted with multiplicity of the skills, talents, ongoing initiatives, creativity, energy & networks in the diversity of sectors as the most fundamental resource to foment mutually beneficial, market-driven partnerships to bridge gaps towards establishing strategic thrust. Where a challenge for one actor becomes a market opportunity for another in a market-driven partnerships that will drive towards ultimately establishing sustainable industrialization naturally without affecting the eco-system.


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